Sunday, October 4, 2020


Hello, I hope you are in good health. Welcome back to our monthly challenge, we love to see your entries ... each month it is more difficult to choose the winners. 
This month great sponsors join us and we hope that our DT's creations inspire them to continue creating beauties!

We'll announce our winner of

SEPTEMBER  2020...


Wendy Pink, Please contact us at to claim ypur digi prize .


... and the sponsors are... 

This month, there are amazing projects for your inpiration



Thanks for join us! 
As always, we can´t wait to be inspired by your creations!
You have until 
OCT 31,  23:55 
Eastern Time  to play along!

Thanks so much for visiting the blog !!!

The usual rules apply:

Enter up to 5 times with a new project.
You may combine with any other challenges.
Any proyect with craft, paper craft , handmade 
You can use any proyect with  brand of stamps/digis (no company restriction).

To play along in the   OCT  2020
 challenge simply use the linky tool below.

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