Sunday, August 4, 2013

Challenge #180 - It's Only A Number AND an 80's to the Max Birthday Blog Hop

Hello!  Regan here with the post today, and we have a something a little different for you!  It's my 40th birthday this week and to celebrate we have teamed up with sponsor Sassy Studio Designs to bring you a totally awesome 80s to the Max birthday blog hop!  Plus it seems I'm not the only August baby on the two teams so there's even more reasons to party!  There are LOTS of ways to win so be sure to read the post in full!

First, we have a sad good-bye and some happy hellos to attend to!  Kathy has stepped down to focus on family, and we'd like to wish her well!  Her talent will be missed, but we hope to still see her around!  I'd also like to welcome our two newest design team members: Debbie and Debora!  Debbie is on the SSD design team so we go way back!  I have admired Debora's work when she would enter our challenges, and I am so pleased to have her as an addition to our team!

Our challenge this fortnight is a birthday one with a twist: "It's Only A  Number" - create a birthday themed project which includes a number on it.  EVERYONE who enters will receive a special Sassy Studio Designs image, Boom Box Sassy, for FREE!  It will be emailed to you so be sure to enter the email address you would like to receive it at when you link up your project.

Please note that your project does not have to be 80s themed.  As long as it's birthday themed and contains a number your in!  BUT if you use a SSD image you will receive a bonus entry for the grand prize!  Simply enter a second link to your general blog with your name and "SSD" after it!  Want another reason to play along?  Our Top 3 this fortnight will also win a prize!  Each Top Pick will receive two images from the new SSD 80s release!

Lindsay, the owner and artist behind Sassy Studio Designs, has created a whole collection of 80s themed images as her August release just for this occasion!  Though I was born in the 70s, I grew up during the 80s and absolutely LOVE them!  These images are so much fun and will bring you right back to the decade of distinctive pop culture, music, and trends!  The winner of our challenge this fortnight will win the ENTIRE SSD 80s COLLECTION!!!  (Can't wait to win them?  You can purchase them HERE now! And for this week only there's a special!  You can buy the collection, that's all 9 images, for only $35!  A savings of $5.50!)  To see all the gorgeous images being featured by our two righteous design teams, please join us for my birthday blog hop!  The Sassy and Corrosive dudes and dudettes have designed some most excellent projects for you!  A random comment will be selected from each blog to win that featured image!  The more blogs you visit and comment on, the more chances to win you have!  Here is the complete list:


Debbie (SSD)
Jacki (SSD)
Lori (SSD)
Regan (CC)
Kathy (SSD)
Ruza (SSD)
Jasmine (CC)
Greg (SSD)
Mary (SSD)
Rebecca (CC)
Jackie (SSD)
Sara (SSD)
Rachelle (CC)
Maria ( SSD GDT)
Judy (SSD)
Michelle (SSD)
Linda (CC)
Carrie (SSD)
Chris (SSD)
Susan (SSD)
Julie (CC)
Karal (SSD)
Debora (CC)

Kim (SSD)
Lindsay (SSD)


For another chance to win, we have five 80s themed trivia questions here and five more on the SSD blog.  Answer them for a chance to win 4 images from the new release!  There will be a separate winner from both blogs!  Simply comment on this post and the post on the SSD blog with your answers.  Comments left that contain all 5 correct answers will be eligible to win and a random winner will be selected from among them!

Totally Tubular Trivia
  1. Name three members of the 80s "Brat Pack".
  2. What New Jersey 80s hair metal band celebrated their 30th anniversary together this year?
  3. List three distinctive fashion trends popular in the 80s.
  4. What US President presided over the country for almost this entire decade?
  5. Which 80s pop queen got her start on Star Search even though she didn't win?
 And, finally, don't forget to show us your birthday creations featuring a number (can be either words or numerical).

Deadline for the hop and trivia is 11:59pm Eastern time on Saturday, August 10th.  Winners of the blog hop and trivia will be announced Sunday, August 11th.  The challenge will run for the usual two weeks and winners will be announced on Monday, August 19th.

Thanks for joining my birthday festivities and have a gnarly day!



  1. OMG these images are tooooooo cute! Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to win one! Thanks for the fun hop ... now I'd better get HOPPING!!

  2. OMG ... I just finished the hop and it was AMAZING! Great job everyone and thanks for all the inspiration! WOW!

  3. What a fabulous Hop! A journey of real talent and inspiration. Thanks for all the hard work in organising this, and Lindsay the images are absolutely great. Judy x

  4. Regan, Great hop. It was fun having the Corrosive Challenges DT with us this time. Lots of amazing projects.
    the SSD lil brother
    Greg T

  5. A great little teaser! Phew I think I have made it round everyone! Love SS images xx Jan

  6. Fabulous hop~! I'll have to come back for Lindsy's card later. Hope you and all the rest have very happy birthdays and anniversary. Hugs, Robin

  7. Here are my trivia answers:

    1. Emilio Estevez, Anthony McCarthy, Judd Nelson
    2. Bon Jovi
    3. Head bands, leg warmers, side ponytail
    4. Ronald Regan
    5. Tiffany

    Crossing my fingers! Hugs, Robin

  8. Happy Birthday to everyone! Loved all the great projects and the new Sassy designs! Thanks for sharing all the inspiration!

  9. Name three members of the 80s "Brat Pack". Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald
    What New Jersey 80s hair metal band celebrated their 30th anniversary together this year? Bon Jovi
    List three distinctive fashion trends popular in the 80s. ripped sweatshirts, shoulder pads, and to copy Madonna -short skirts worn over leggings, brassieres worn as outer clothing
    What US President presided over the country for almost this entire decade? Ronald Reagan
    Which 80s pop queen got her start on Star Search even though she didn't win? Tiffany

  10. Trivia Questions:
    1. Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, Emelio Estevez
    2. Over Kill
    3. Off the shoulder shirts, blazers with shoulder pads and rolled up sleeves, pointed stilettos.
    4.Bill Clinton
    Whew! Thanks for the chance to play!

  11. Great hop. I only ran into 1 problem and 2 other girls had the same problem. I tried to go to Lindsay's blog but it just keeps taking us to her May 25th hop. So, a few of us left a message on her, um.........card. Except, I couldn't even find a card. Now, I'm feeling totally back in the 80's.

    I'll be back to answer the trivia..........

  12. I had a hard time with #3 on the trivia so I'm only guessing.
    1. Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald
    2. Shoulder pads, leg warmers, mini-skirts
    3. Bon Jovi
    4. Reagan
    5. Tiffany
    Thanks, again.

  13. I so wanted to do the challenge but my printer went on the fritz, so not this time!!! But I did find answers to the trivia questions:

    1. Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, and Emilio Estevez
    2. Bon Jovi
    3. Leg warmers, stir up pants, acid wash jeans
    4. Ronald Regan
    5. Tiffany

  14. Happy Birthday Regan, Great Hop. Long but great. A few problems with comments but for the most part finished all of them except 1 or 2. Great Images.

  15. 1. 3 members of Brat Pack were Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald, and Ally Sheedy.
    2. I think the band is Bon Jovi.
    3. 3 80's fashions were stir up pants (which I had completely forgotten I had even owned!), parachute pants, and leg warmers (I have actually seen some of these in stores lately). I also remember the off shoulder oversized shirts, and now my daughter wears them. Things really do come back in style!
    4. Ronald Reagan was President for most of the 80's.
    5. Tiffany was the 80's Pop Queen that got her start on Star Search.

    THANKS for bringing back all of these 80's memories!

  16. Rob lowe, Demi Moore,Molly Ringwald
    definitely Bonjovi. when he had long hair he was HOT HOT
    mini skirts with leggings, leg warmers, acid wash jeans
    Ronald Reagan AKA Uncle Ronnie

    great job with the cards Regan

  17. Great Hop. beautiful projects.
    1.judd nelson, rob lowe, emilio estevez
    2. bon jovi
    3. leg warmers, off the shoulder sweatshirts, leggings
    4. ronald reagan
    5. tiffany

  18. This was a fantastic hop! 80s was a great time!! Will work on a card for this challenge and hopefully get it linked before the due date. Work has a way of disrupting my craft time. LOL!

    Here are my answers for the Trivia Questions:
    1. Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Andrew McCarthy (loved St. Elmo's Fire movie).
    2. Bon Jovi (wow!! 30 years!! really?!?!?!?)
    3. Acid wash jeans, leg warmers, fingerless gloves, mini skirts, member's only jackets, parachute pants, MC Hammer pants, stirrup pants, shoulder pads (I know that's more than 3...but they were just flooding into my brain. LOL)
    4. Reagan
    5. Tiffany

  19. Trivia Answers:
    1. Rob Lowe, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez
    2. Bonjovi
    3. Leg Warmers, Stirrup Pants, Acid Wash Jeans
    4. Ronald Reagan
    5. Tiffany

  20. Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, demi moore

    Bon Jovi He Was Hot Oh My

    Leggings,Leotards,Legwarmers,Parachute pants :-)

    Tiffany Loved Her Music .. :-)

    Beautiful Hop Loved All The Blogs .. Great Inspiration Ladies

  21. Great blog hop... I will try to enter this challenge.

    1. Demi Moore, Rob Lowe and Emilio Estevez
    2. Bon Jovi
    3. Legwarmers, acid wash jeans, leggings, 'blokhakken' (don't know the english word)
    4. Ronald Regan
    5. Tiffany

  22. I was so glad to find this blog. Thank you so much for offering the lovely freebie Boom Box Sassy. I love her. I have just loaded my card I made today. I did some of the blog hop yesterday and will try to do the rest before it closes. Thank you

  23. SOOO FUN! Thank you for a totally rad, wicked awesome blog hop! This is my (our lol) decade!!! :-) And Regan, how did I know you'd have a Bon Jovi trivia question lol Without further are my trivia answers:
    1) Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald
    2) BON JOVI of course! :-)
    3) Members Only jackets (mine was stolen sniff sniff), pegging your jeans (what were we thinking?!?) and shoulder pads (again, what were we thinking?!? lol)
    4) Ronald Regan
    5) Tiffany

  24. wow what a great hop!!! Love it. Now for the answers:
    1- Emilio Estevez, Demi Moore, Molly Ringwald
    2- Bon Jovi
    3- Shoulder pads, Leg warmers, Fingerless gloves
    4- Ronald Reagan
    5- Tiffany

    Wow this all brings back memories lol

  25. I'm crossing my fingers I get all of these right!
    1. Andrew McCarthy, Judd Nelson, and Demi Moore
    2. Bon Jovi
    3. Acid Washed Jeans, Puffy Sleeves, and Leg Warmers.
    4. Ronald Reagan
    5. Tiffany

  26. Thanks for joining in with the hop - really enjoyed all the fabulous projects.
    Here are my trivia answers:
    1. Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez and Rob Lowe
    2. Bon Jovi (my 15 year old lists them as one of his fave bands)
    3. Shoulder pads (who can forget them!) Leg warmers (ditto) and jelly shoes
    4. Ronald Reagan
    5. Tiffany.

  27. What a wonderful hop. I have just finished leaving messages on everyone's except Lindsay. I loved all the cards and projects. I also loved all the images. Happy birthday Regan and the others having birthdays this month. My youngest grand daughter will be 5 on 12 August and my eldest grand daughter will be 19 on 20 August.
    Thank you very much for the freebie for joining this challenge which I have now received.

  28. - Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald
    - Bon Jovi
    - Jelly Shoes, Twist A Bead Necklaces, Shoulder Pads
    - Ronald Reagan
    - Tiffany

  29. Whew! Awesome hop, took me 3 days, but I did it, TFS!

  30. Thanks so much for the Gnarly Blog hop :) I had a totally Rad time...
    Now I can get rid of my 80's lingo I think I have it out of my system LOL

  31. Blog Hop Was Awesome And I Uploaded My Card For The With A Number Challenge ..

  32. What a great blog hop! Love all the inspiration and great digis!
    My trivia answers:
    1. Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald
    2. Bon Jovi
    3. Leg Warmers, Parachute Pants, Acid Wash Jeans
    4. Ronald Reagan
    5. Tiffany

    THANKS for the chance of winning some of these great digis!

  33. 1. Ally Sheedy, Emelio Estevez, Judd Nelson
    2. Bon Jovi
    3. Jelly Shoes, Members only Jackets, Shoulder pads
    4. Ronald Reagan
    5. Tiffany

    thanks this was fun - love the digis

  34. My trivia answers:

    1. Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald
    2. Bon Jovi
    3. Shoulder Pads, Legwarmers, Stirrup Pants
    4. Ronald Reagan
    5. Tiffany

    What a fun hop it was, thanks!
    I've added my card too!


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